Collaborate with your team with workspaces
With IoTIFY, it is simple and intuitive to collaborate on your simulations with your team. Workspaces make it possible to share resources and work on simulations together.
When a user signs up on IoTIFY, a default workspace is created and the user can create tests and run simulations there. You can then start inviting other users to this workspace for collaboration.
To invite a new user into the current workspace, click on the Workspace selector, then click on the gear icon towards the right of your workspace name, and you will be taken to the Workspace management console.
Here, you can invite a new member to the workspace, see the members, change their roles and delete already added members. You can also manage the invitations that have been sent already.
To add a new member to the current workspace, Just click on the Invite button, this will bring a small form where you have to provide the email ID and the role for the user, once the data has been added, click on Invite and the invitation will be sent to the user as an email.
The users can either accept the invitation from the Email or when the user opens up IoTIFY, they will get a popup with the invitation. Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be added to the current workspace.
The admin of the workspace can easily change the other users' roles by clicking on their current role in the Members list. A dropdown will appear with all the roles and the admin can then select from the given options.
It can be a good idea to create a separate workspace for collaborating with different teams. To create a new Workspace, just click on the arrow beside the workspace name and a dropdown will appear with a list of workspaces you are in and an option to create a new workspace.
Once you click on Create Workspace, you need to provide a Workspace Name and click on the Add button. A new workspace will be created and now you can start inviting people in the same way.

GitHub Integration

You can connect your GitHub account with IoTIFY to create backups for the tests each time you make any changes to them.
To get started, head to your Workspace settings again and head to the Github Tab. This is a two-step process first, you will need to install the IoTIFY Nsim app on GitHub, and then you need to select the repository where IoTIFY should save your tests.
To get started, click on the Install Github App button, this will open a new window, where you will need to sign in to your GitHub account, and then you can install the IoTIFY Nsim app. You can choose to install it in all repositories, or only a specific one. After the installation is complete, you will be redirected back to IoTIFY.
Now the button will say App already installed and you can move to step two, click on the dropdown menu and you will see a list of repositories that have the app installed. Select the repository where you want to save the tests and click on the Select button.
Your GitHub account is now connected and every time you save a test on IoTIFY, it will be saved in the GitHub repository automatically as well.