Create your first Test

In the Tests interface, we can start by either importing a sample test provided by us or by creating a new test from scratch. We will be importing and working with one of our sample tests for this guide. The sample tests include all the code required for creating a device model for different devices.

However, if you want to start building your own test from scratch, you can look at the guide below.

pageUnderstanding Tests

To take a look at all the sample tests available, click on the Create from Sample button at the top right of the screen. This will open up a list of all the samples that are available at the moment.

For this guide, we will be using the Smart Home sample. New sample tests for different devices and purposes are always getting added, so this list will look different than the one below.

Click on the Smart Home tile and then click on Create. This will import the Smart Home test to your workspace and you will be able to see the same in your list of tests.

Now click on the Smart Home test tile to open the test and start tinkering with it. The basic device model is already available and you can start simulating the Smart Home test now.

You can go to the Understanding Tests guide linked at the beginning of this article to properly understand the device model. For now, let's simulate this test.

To simulate your test, click on the Run Test button on the top right of the screen. This will open up a sidebar where you can give this simulation job a name and choose the run settings parameters for the job. By default, a run setting would be created for you.

To tinker with the run settings parameters, go to the next page or you can click the Run button at the bottom to start the simulation job.

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