Collaborate with your team with workspaces

With IoTIFY, it is simple and intuitive to collaborate on your simulations with your team. Workspaces make it possible to share resources and work on simulations together.

When a user signs up on IoTIFY, a default workspace is created and the user can create tests and run simulations there. You can then start inviting other users to this workspace for collaboration.

It can be a good idea to create a separate workspace for collaborating with different teams. To create a new Workspace, just click on the arrow beside the workspace name and a dropdown will appear with a list of workspaces you are in and an option to create a new workspace.

Once you click on Create Workspace, you need to provide a Workspace Name and click on the Add button. A new workspace will be created and now you can start inviting people in the same way.

We provide robust RBAC support for workspaces, to learn more go to the next page.

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