Deployment Models

This page details the deployment options available for IoTIFY

Being a platform purpose-built for IoT, we have done a lot of custom engineering to make our systems as performant and efficient as possible. The following are the ways in which you can use IoTIFY.

  1. Public Hosted Application: IoTIFY is accessible at for developers and small teams to use.

  2. Domain-Separated and Managed Deployment: As part of an enterprise license, you can request a managed and domain-separated deployment of IoTIFY. This will be accessible through a custom domain and ensures the data is logically separated from the Public facing application mentioned above. The infrastructure and application are managed by IoTIFY.

  3. On-prem Deployment: If you wish to deploy IoTIFY on your own VPS, Our team will help you get this set up. IoTIFY can run on any managed Kubernetes Cluster. Please contact us for further details.

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