Invitation Management

First, you need to be in the Workspace management console. To add a new member to the current workspace, Just click on the Invite button, this will bring a small form where you have to provide the email ID and the role for the user, once the data has been added, click on Invite and the invitation will be sent to the user as an email.

The users can either accept the invitation from the Email or when the user opens up IoTIFY, they will get a popup with the invitation. Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be added to the current workspace.

To see a list of all the invitations you have sent you can go to the Sent Invitations tab. Here, you will see all of the invitations you have sent and their current Status.

To delete an already sent invitation, just click on the delete button (the garbage can button) present on the right side of any sent invitation.

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