Exporting/Importing Tests

When you have finalised your tests, you may want to take a local backup of the test, or you may want to send the test that you're working on to another person. For such cases, we allow you to export the whole test as a JSON file, that is easy to understand.


To export any test, go to the Tests interface by clicking on Tests in the left navigation drawer. Now move your cursor to the 3 dot icon at the bottom right of the test you want to export.

This will open an overflow menu where you will get the option to export your test. Click on Export and the JSON file will be downloaded to your system.


If you have a JSON definition of a test and you want to import it back to the platform, just go back to the Tests interface and click on the Import button on the top right of the screen.

This will open another overflow menu, here click on Import IoTIFY Test. This will open a file picker, navigate to the folder where you have stored the JSON file and open it.

The file will be uploaded and parsed and the test will be added to your workspace.

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