In IoT systems, devices can also talk to each other apart from communicating with the server. With IoTIFY you can also simulate such LAN connections between the devices using the Mailbox.

At its core, Mailbox is basically a fast array that the devices can push to and read from. All the simulations in your workspace can access the mailbox at any time.

You can see all the data that is currently in the Mailbox, by going to the Mailbox from the left navigation pane. Here, you can also Add new entries to the Mailbox, clear the whole Mailbox, or export the data.

To get started with LAN simulation using Mailbox, you can use the Mailbox Hub and the Mailbox Thermostat sample tests and follow the guide present here.

To learn more about the methods available to interact with the mailbox in your test, you can refer to the page linked below:

pageMailbox Functions

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