Getting Started

Getting Started with IoTIFY is simple. Just signup and follow the guide below to run your first test.

Welcome to IoTIFY, your one-stop solution for all your IoT testing needs. This guide will walk you through the steps for creating and running your very first test.

When you first log into IoTIFY, you will be greeted into the interface. It's divided into two parts, The left pane, and the work area.

The left pane houses the Workspace Selector, the navigational shortcuts to move from one part of the platform to another, and the profile menu. This pane can also be minimized by clicking on the arrow in the profile menu so that the full screen can be utilized for work.

The right side of the screen is what we will call the work area. The contents of this change according to the part of the interface we are in. Since we are in the Tests interface, it shows a list of all the tests created in the workspace.

Let's move forward and see how we can create our first test.

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