Glob Storage

Glob is the persistent key-value store that forms an integral part of IoTIFY. The Glob storage behaves like a common storage block for all the tests. It is private to your workspace, which means only people that have been added to the workspace can access the glob storage. It can also be accessed by all the tests in the workspace.

The key-value pattern allows for a simple and fast storage solution which is easy to integrate into your tests. The glob can be used in a lot of ways, like, to sync between multiple jobs, control the simulation behaviour dynamically or revert back from the last state of the device to name a few.

There are two ways to interact with the Glob storage:

  • Via the GUI

  • Via Functions inside the tests

Firstly let's talk about the Glob storage option in the IoTIFY app, to get started, click on the Glob option in the sidebar. This will open the Glob page. Here you will be able to see all the entries that have been made to the Glob storage from all the tests in your workspace. You can Edit or Delete the individual entries, Add new entries or choose to clear the Glob by deleting all the entries.

Another option that is available here is to export all the data in the Glob to create a backup, which can be downloaded and stored locally. For Enterprise customers, a cloud backup option is also available. These backups can be used to restore the Glob to its previous state.

The second way to interact with the Glob storage is via the functions available inside tests. This is how you can utilize the Glob storage inside your simulations.

To understand how you can integrate Glob APIs inside your tests, please check our Glob Functions page.

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