You are learning IoT and want to get started

Welcome to IoTIFY, we're happy to help you along the way as you learn more about IoT. Unfortunately, IoTIFY Network Simulator requires some understanding of IoT fundamentals and knowledge of Javascript. It would be a good idea to first learn more about these and then return to Network Simulator. We have added a few resources to help you with the same.


If you want to learn more about how to build IoT systems using devices such as Arduino Uno or the Raspberry Pi, you can use our IoTIFY Virtual Lab. With IoTIFY Virtual Lab, you can build your IoT projects in the cloud easily, without worrying about different components.

To learn more about IoTIFY Virtual Lab, go to the page linked below. You can follow the guides to build exciting projects and learn about IoT systems.

You can sign up for IoTIFY Virtual Lab at

To learn more about IoT fundamentals, you can refer to the ebooks linked below.


You can use the following resources to learn more about Javascript since we will be using Javascript to define our device templates.

Once you have knowledge about building IoT systems and are comfortable with Javascript, move to the Developer section, where we explain how to use IoTIFY Network Simulator.

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