State Information
State information tab captures device states, logs and any error throughout each client and iteration.
The state information tab captures the value of state and any logs produced through every client and iteration. The information is captured, only if the save state information flag is checked while running the simulation. The table has multiple vies e.g. it could display all iterations for a single client or it could show all clients for a single iteration. The third mode shows all clients and all iteration.
The state information also captures timestamps of every iteration start and the time it took to complete this iteration. This would be a valuable information to generate even more precise timestamping information for your test execution.
Logs column shows any console.log() produced logs in your device model for that particular client and iteration. The error column shows any error encountered during message transmission or execution.
The state information could be downloaded as CSV file to be exported into other reporting tools of your choice.
Last modified 1yr ago
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